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Please read this note carefully!
If legal reasons should speak against a further use of this Domain, I ask to take distance from a formal letter of caution through your lawyer. Please transmit your message directly to me. Then I will initiate the necessary steps immediately. With the Domain registration and the current use it isn't and it was never my intention of ignoring a right or offending against a right. If I should have done it inadvertently nevertheless, or in the case that someone has the claim for this Internet-Domain, I ask for directly message to my Address as shown below. Note: If this Domain should be entered on CAPRO Grosshandel u. Handelsagentur, please write to my personal Address, since the ownership of this Domain was transferred to me internal. In the case of an unjustified and fraudulent warning I will initiate the proceeding with the negative declaratory action through my lawyers.

My Address:
Rainer Baensch
Dipl. Ing. (FH)
Am Natruper Holz 15
D-49076 Osnabrück
phone: +49 541 129707
Fax: +49 541 67088
eMail (please change "AT" with "@")

Furthermore the following has validity  

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